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Mar 5, 2014 6:00pm PST
only minor injuries reported. >>> palo alto voters could be asked to increase the tax to the highest rate in the area. the city counsel unanimously backed a tax from 12 to 14%. that could generate an additional $2.4 million in revenue. city counsel is expected to refine it in the spring so it can be included in the november ballot. >> batkid was supposed to be in the spotlight but at the last minute he got cut from sunday's big show. cancer survivor miles scott became famous worldwide after the city of san francisco came together with the make a wish foundation to make his wish come true to be a super hero for the day. since the theme of the oscar show was heroes, organizers felt batkid's appearance would be a good fit. after a rehearsal on saturday, batkid's appearance was cut. the the ad cad me compensated the family with a trip to disneyland. >>> a lottery ticket worth a lot of money has been sold in the south bay. the latest winning ticket was sold at a liquor store. the winner got five out of five numbers but failed to get the mega millions number in last night's drawing. he sti
Mar 3, 2014 6:00pm PST
the business in our community that helps raise tax funds and keeps everything going. >> reporter: the department says an overwhelming majority of alarm calls are false alarms, wasting valuable police time. >> that's what i'm trying to do. >> reporter: councilman whose running for major puyor pulled this ad urging voters to attend tuesday's counsel meeting where they will debate a referendum allocating much of the money to police. >> more police on patrol, technology, equipment, whatever the police chief would deem is necessary to fight crime in san jose. >> i just need one cop to respond. >> reporter: a sentiment being shared but may not be realistic under the current policy. police have not arrested a suspect in this case. looks like the folks working over time are supposed to close at 6:00. on that proposal, the mayor said in the past that that would be at the cost of cutting hours for libraries and community centers. we're live in south san jose. >> thanks, damion. >>> police are hoping someone reck hognizes this man. investigators say he tried to break into a home and a car friday
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2